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State budget cuts continue to negatively impact on our District’s ability to provide adequate funding for health, fitness and sports programs in our Schools.  Sadly, at a time when our children are forming lifelong health habits, these programs are in greater jeopardy than ever before.

Over the past several years, the San Leandro Sports Foundation (SLSF) has donated thousands of dollars to support sports and health and fitness programs for San Leandro students from K through 12.  These programs provide our youth with healthy, supervised, character-building activities; benefiting the individual, the school, and our community.

Many of these important programs are at risk of even further reductions or in danger of being eliminated altogether.  Our children’s health and fitness, already at historical lows, stand to slip even further if these programs are lost.  While we are fighting the good fight, SLSF is an all-volunteer organization with limited resources at its disposal.

You can make a difference. We are reaching out to you and asking that you help our cause.  By becoming a supporter today, your donation of $25 or more will assist SLSF in its mission to support and improve health and physical fitness opportunities for our community.

With so many of these life-shaping programs facing the chopping block, your support in this year’s campaign is critical in promoting a vibrant and thriving community.  We thank you for your consideration of our cause and look forward to your support.


Martin Capron
San Leandro Sports Foundation

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