Dick Duey

Bob and Dickee Florsheim Shoes_Page_1

Bob and Dick Duey model Florsheim Shoes in 1956

Bob and Dick All League Selection

SLHS Football All-League selection 1956. the Duey Twins. Kneeling Bob and Dick Duey.

Dick Duey #33 All League Linebacker

Dick Duey #33 linebacker

Dick Duey – SLHS Class of 1957, Athlete Football and Baseball. Deceased

When I think of my Dad these days, instead of feeling sad, a smile comes over my face.  The first thing that enters my mind is the voices of the “twins” (Bob and Dick Duey were two peas in a pod) bantering back and forth quite loudly.  It doesn’t matter what the subject was or what they were talking or arguing about, the sentences always started with a resounding “hey Bob-eee, hey Dick-eee” with an emphasis on the “E” as if it went on forever!  I sit there and ruminate about it for a few minutes and wish I could hear them together again in the same room.  It was just one of those things, out of many, that was so endearing about them.  When speaking about my father, it’s pretty hard to do without speaking about my Uncle Bob as well. Read More

Bob and Dick and Coack Elliot

San Leandro’s Dick Duey #64 and Bob Duey #86 with Cal Coach Pete Elliot. Dick and Bob who were All-ACAL football and baseball stars for San Leandro High School are playing guard and end , respectively, for the Golden Bears.