Measure L Wins

Final Count: Measure L wins in  sprint to the finish!

The Election was over at 8:00 pm PST on November 6th, but the fate  Measure L  would remain in suspense until every single vote was counted almost two weeks later.  Proponents anixiouly watched the Alameda County Office of the Register’s daily posting of vote counts. Everyday the Yes percentage inched up closing in on the elusive, magical 2/3  majority necessary to gain victory. Final, on Thursday evening the  15th of November all the votes had been counted, and in a LANDSLIDE, Measure passed with 66. 75%.

Measure L is a $2.4 million annual parcel tax for the school district’s general fund which will be assessed at a rate of $39 per single family home, with an exception for senior citizens. It is the first parcel tax to have been successfully pased by the scholds, though two bond measures totaling onver $150 million have passed in recent years.

Measure L funds will go to support vital school programs like art, music, athletics, and libraries.