Review of 2012

2012 was a very busy year for the San Leandro Sports Foundation. The construction of the new sports facility at the Pacific Sports Complex/Burrell Field started in June, followed by the renovation of the swimming pool and sports fields at SLHS in August.

The San Leandro Sports Foundation held three successful fundraisers: Celebrate Burrell Field – The Final Game, Run-For-The-Schools 5K and our Annual Spaghetti Feed. The November election brought much hope for public education in California. State Prop 30 passed, and in a real nail-bitter, local Measure L was approved by the voters of San Leandro with a heroic 66.75%. Both of these revenue measures should ensure that our public schools have at least a fighting chance to educate our children.

The momentum has shifted in our favor. We can safely take a look behind us, but our challenge is to keep moving forward.

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