2014 – The Citywide Track Meet is Back!

Ready Set Go! For Health and Fitness

Ready Set Go!
For Health and Fitness

Wow! To say our first Citywide Track and Field Festival in 20 years was exciting is an understatement. We had over 300 wild and crazy kids ready to run, jump and play, and that they did.

From the opening ceremony – a spectacular guitar version of the National Anthem by Thomas De Bourbon and Jackson Felton – to the final “everyone on the track for a victory lap” things just kept happening.

It was a cold, windy day and I would like to say that everything went as planned… Every race was run, every runner run and the field event was full, and the meet ended on time. 

Of course, we had our challenges. However, all the parents, coaches and volunteers were great! They kept their cool and maintain patience in the mist of a whirlwind of activity. Some real heroes emerged through the fog of chaos. For instance, our roving M.C., Danny Paiva, continued a steady stream of fresh race results even while being bombarded by demands from every direction. At the finish line Rich Fishbaugh and Mike Bolar furiously recorded times and places while hunched over a wind swept table; Gary Jean courageously manned his post as Captain of the Clerks even as herds of 3rd and 4th graders stormed his position; and who could ever forget the sight of the legendary Jerry Engler and his yellow Cal cap buried in a swarm of little uniforms as he surveyed the finish line trying to capture exact places. Alas, we will never know what happened to the brave souls at the medals stand. They were last seen being overwhelmed by laughing, smiling, jumping athletes – winners all!

Thanks to our Sponsors  the meet was a financial success. I will suggest that we donate $1000 to each of our participating schools to be use for their athletic programs, and $500 each for the high school teams that were such great help.

There were many more unsung heroes on the day and we thank you ALL for helping bring back the Citywide Tracks and Field meet. WE LOOK FORWARD TO AN EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER 2015 CITYWIDE YOUTH TRACK AND FIELD FESTIVAL.

– See more at: http://www.slsfi.org/#sthash.3bJDEjrV.dpuf

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